Moucheira – Mármores e Cantarias, Lda., operates in the processing and marketing of ornamental stone, and throughout 100 years of existence it has acquired know-how which allows the supply of high quality natural stone in slab and tile, but also in customised formats for the most varied projects.

The company is located in Pero Pinheiro, Portugal, a location highly characterised by this type of industry, and its space includes a block yard, a sawing area, and a factory area of around 10,000m2. All the aforementioned areas are properly equipped with cutting-edge technology, offering a diversified range of products in the most varied materials.

The journey, the dedication and the knowledge combined with the company’s ability to keep up with and adapt to technological advancements in machinery are the key elements for the success achieved.

The 1960s brought about a landmark for the company with the beginning of exports. At the time, the USA were considered by Management as the market with the greatest potential in which it made sense to invest, and so it became the first exporting market.

The strategy paid off and exports started to considerably contribute to the company’s turnover. Nowadays, the foreign market focuses mainly on the USA, nevertheless, the exporting reach has been expanded to Northern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The national market has not been overlook and continues to significantly contribute to company sales.

Investing in quality as a differentiator means special importance must be given to each and every production stage. Regarding the acquisition of raw material – natural rough stone (block) – the company maintains a close relationship with the main suppliers to ensure maximum material homogeneity, achieving even excellence standards.


The company specialises in processing essentially two types of natural stones: limestone and marble.

These materials come in a large variety of qualities and all can be processed at the factory, nevertheless, the ones most frequently requested by our clients are:



Ataíja Beige

Ataíja Blue

Azul Mónica

Brecha Tavira

Creme de Mós

Encarnado Negrais


Gascogne Beige

Gascogne Blue

Lagos Blue


Moka Creme (fine grain)

Moka Creme (medium grain)


Porto Beige




Pele Tigre

Rosa Aurora

Rosa Salmão

Rosa Vergado